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Financial Advisors’ Video Marketing Secrets Revealed

Tuesday, August 15, 2017 2:00 pm ET / 11:00 am PT

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Sometimes it’s overwhelming…

There’s so much to learn to market your practice on the internet. And just when you feel like you’re starting to understand digital marketing, there’s more to learn, like video.

We believe that digital marketing strategies, including video, are a game changer for how financial advisors attract new clients. So, we found a resource for you to help you get up to speed quickly and easily.

Jill Addison, author of Financial Advisor’s 7 Steps to Video Marketing Success offers insights into a video marketing approach that’s customized for financial advisors like you. In this webcast, she’ll discuss strategies that you can implement in a turnkey way that won’t take you away from what you really want to be doing: helping your clients live their dreams through your exceptional financial planning services.

You Will Discover:

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Expert Presenter: Jill Addison

Jill Addison

For over a decade, Jill Addison has immersed herself in all aspects of video production and digital media marketing, blending creativity with strategic thinking to introduce a variety of valuable products and services. She is the author of Financial Advisor’s 7 Steps to Video Marketing Success and her portfolio includes a diverse range of projects such as a full-length feature film, online marketing videos, short dramatic films, nationally broadcast infomercials, and instructional exercise videos. Addison launched FA Client Machine, a digital media marketing company that assists financial advisors with implementing contemporary digital marketing strategies.

Prior to launching FA Client Machine, Addison developed a reputation for providing superior digital media marketing services and turnkey video packages widely used by financial advisors and business owners in a variety of industries. As her reputation and business grew, she introduced new products like her Whiteboard Video Packages that streamlined video marketing and made it easier for her clients to produce effective, engaging content. These invaluable video packages gained the attention of many notable financial experts including veteran James Stewart, CFP® , who worked with Addison to co-create the Turnkey Video System that became the basis for FA Client Machine.

Addison graduated from Kansas State University and after living in two beautiful spots (Boulder, CO and San Clemente, CA) now lives in San Diego with her husband Eric, who founded his own video production company in 2003 ( She served as a full-time staff member with a Christian outreach for 13 years, culminating in her work as a Producer on the feature film Magdalena. Magdalena has now been translated into over 100 languages and seen by millions of people around the world. After traveling to 24 countries, Addison continues to have a burning desire to make her life count through philanthropy. Jill and her husband recently welcomed twins Joseph and Sophia, born on March 16, 2017, and she is enjoying her new role as a mother.

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